Monte lunow
Customer Review
Broke down out of town was recommended this shop by some locals. Had my truck towed to them. Diagnostic test was spot on. Had to wait for one part overnight but they had me back on the road the next morning. Great service and reasonable price. Highly recommend.
Daniel Tefteller
Customer Review
Super Professional, knew what I need before I asked. Chris is the man.
Russell Hollis
Customer Review
Absolutely the best shop around! Fixed everything in a timely manner.

They’re friendly, go above and beyond, check little things and all that stuff. No pressure and gave a couple of options. They're good people and I trust them.

Ben H. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

They did everything I asked them to do. They are a great crew and good folks to work with. I was happy with everything they did.

Matt K. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

They were awesome.

David D. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The service is out of this world. Chris and the guys have never let me down. As a woman that is so important.

Krickett H. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The business did a good job. There were no problems.

Lacy H. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The staff was pretty helpful. They always called every day and gave an update, whether they found something or not.

Henry R. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The business has good people. They know what they are doing. I could not ask for better service.

John B - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever seen at a repair shop!

Anonymous - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

Great place.

Russel H. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

They didn't give me any issues at a fair price.

 Jesse H. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The staff did a good job.

Levi R. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

Anytime I sent my vehicle over there they've always been great. They explain everything to me. If anything goes wrong with the vehicle they take care of it.

Scot D. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

The service was perfect.

Aaron S. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

Bought a used truck to work out of, I have my own plumbing company and my truck is everything. Had a small coolant leak I couldn't find so I took it by there for them to give it a look, they knew I couldn't work without my truck so they squeezed me in and got me fixed up. A super group of guys, very knowledgeable, and their quality of work is second to none.

Jory M. - (5-star review left on Surecritic)

Great service and excellent people! They've done multiple works for me and I've been happy with them every time. Best service I've gotten in town.

Dustin G. - (5-star review left on Facebook)

I don’t have to worry about my vehicles when I drop them off. They are the best shop in the tri-state area.

Pamela D. - (5-star review left on Facebook)

Amazing customer service. They do not gouge you or pressure you. I would for sure recommend this place!

Marshall F. - (5-star review left on Facebook)

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